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Katana Floor LampBacked by over 40 years experience in lighting we are confident that in both commercial and residential consultations, the end result will be exactly what you want and need. We have been serving Toronto residents, designers, decorators, architects and contractors alike for most of this time and we still enjoy the challenge of designing unique lighting plans that suit the individual need.  We carry more than 70 lines of European, US and Canadian lighting manufacturers, as well as select modern furniture pieces. Custom lighting is always available for those special jobs, complete with drawings for approval when needed.

Our present showroom has been open since 2001.  We specialize in clean modern designs which can transform any room into a beautiful more enjoyable space to live in.

We welcome you to visit our downtown showroom where you will be greeted with a friendly professional staff ready to serve you


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LED Lighting

LEDLED lighting is the newest lighting technology available today.  The most efficient of all lighting sources available, LED technology is used for special applications where form factor is important.  Given the miniature size of an LED diode, they are perfect for fitting into smaller, shaped objects, or clustered into the space of a typical light bulb.  Though LED lighting has a very long life and is difficult to break, it still suffers from relatively low light output, making it as of yet, a weak alternative for general lighting around the home.  In areas requiring little light, but more decorative bulbs or fixtures, LEDs are perfect


Fluorescent Lighting

Compact FluorescentThough fluorescent lighting has been around for about a century, it's only in the past decade that compact fluorescents have become more readily available and affordable.  With an operating life that is far longer than incandescent or halogen, fluorescent lighting is ideal for areas that require frequent around the clock lighting, or hard to reach places.  It provides a nice even light throughout a space; however, it is important to select the correct colour temprerature for each application.  Fluorescent typically only consumes about 25% of the energy of an incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light.


Halogen Lighting

HalogenHalogen Lighting is known for carrying a good balance of lighting features.  Amongst the four main types of lighting, Low Voltage Halogen has the best colour rendition, with line voltage halogen in second place.  Though it consumes about 2/3rds the power of incandescent lighting, it is not as efficient as compact fluorescent, or LED lighting.


Incandescent Lighting

IncandescentThe oldest of the four current lighting technologies, incandescent lighting is the most readily available and common source of lighting.  Though the purchase price of incandescent bulbs is the least expensive, they do consume the most energy as compared to Halogen, Fluorescent, and LED, which means increased cost of operating.  In addition, incandescent lighting tends to have a shorter life which also means more frequent replacements - not good for hard to reach places.  The good news with Incandescent is that it provides a soft light that is easy on the eyes, is easily dimmable, and easy to obtain (even from a convenience store).